Mini Screen Kit

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Are you a compliant vendor looking for a clothing tag? Need a sweet screen to stamp your logo on things? We can provide that for you!

Best application is smooth knit or woven material. Keep in mind that this is water based ink. Much like a stamp, there may be some shadow showing through if your material is thin. Fuzzy fabric CAN be screen printed, but as fibers move, it may distort the image.

To begin:

All we need is your production-ready artwork (your tag as a PDF or .ai file) and we'll take care of the rest.

Just need a screen? Already have your squeegee and ink? Great! Just purchase your screen, send us your tag file ( and we'll burn it for you and ship it out!

New to slinging ink? Fabulous! You'll love our tagging kits. In your kit you will receive your mini-tag screen, your mini squeegee, and a sample of water-based ink.  

SHIPS IN 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS UPON ART APPROVAL, regardless of Alber Road's current production schedule. 

About the art:

Your art should fit inside of a print area of 5.5" wide by 9.5" long and be in PDF or .ai format. We suggest a stamp size of 2" x 5" for ease of placement in garments. Font should be a minimum of 11 PT -- we can stencil smaller, but it will be hard for you to read! 

Need some assistance with your art? We offer a quick graphic consult or cleanup of your file  between $5 - $15.00. Drop us a line before you purchase and we can help you determine which package is perfect for you. 
No clue where to start? Choose the Compliance Consult Package. It will include your tag's compliance text design for free. We'll just need your personal information and print-ready logo. 

About the screen:

Your screen will come with an inner print size of 6" x 10", and an outer aluminum shell that is 8" x 12". 

Screens last a long time without needing to be redone! If taken care of, your screen should last hundreds of prints. We suggest you rinse with cool water and use a soft sponge or dishcloth to clear any residual ink out of your text.  Aggressive washing may wear out some details. 

Most importantly, DO NOT allow your water-based ink to dry in your screen. It will become stuck and your screen will need to be reclaimed and reburnt. 

About the squeegee:

Nothing is cuter than a mini squeegee. Seriously. The standard squeegee is 3". Charges apply or delays for larger squeegees as we don't have them on hand.

About the ink:

You don't need much ink, so this should last you quite a few uses if you're judicious! 

Water-based ink does not require third-party testing, but our supplier provides certs just in case you were curious. Water-based ink seeps into the fabric and becomes part of the substrate. It may need some time to dry to the touch (usually a few seconds), but should ideally sit undisturbed for an hour or so (depending on the temperature/humidity of your environment) and should be given a minimum of 48 hours before being washed. Heat setting your ink is always an option as well if you have a heat-gun or heat press. 

Your kit comes with BLACK water-based ink by default. Printing on dark garments? Request white ink.


Oops - You lost a letter:

So what happens when you need to reclaim and burn a new screen? We're glad you asked. As with all things, you will eventually need to reclaim your screen. We get hundreds of prints from each screen, but sometimes detail will begin to wash out. The stencil wears with time and repetitive pressure. We offer a quick turnaround screen replacement service. For $20.00, we'll send you a return label. Just stick your screen in its box, pop it in the mail and we'll clean it up, reclaim it, and burn your image again. Back into its box it'll go and you should receive your screen within 5-7 business days of it arriving at our studio. 


I LOVE my screen! Now what?:

Share with our social media. Tag us @littlemooseprints / @alberroad. We love to hear from our creative customers. 


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